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Research Project: SoOS: Service-oriented Operating Systems
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Baaij, C.P.R. (2015) Digital circuit in CλaSH: functional specifications and type-directed synthesis. PhD thesis, University of Twente. CTIT Ph.D.-thesis series No. 14-335 ISBN 978-90-365-3803-9


Rovers, K.C. and Kuper, J. (2013) UniTi: Unified composition and time for multi-domain model-based design. International Journal of Parallel Programming, 41 (2). 261 -304. ISSN 0885-7458 *** ISI Impact 0,680 ***
Uchevler, B.N. and Svarstad, K. and Kuper, J. and Baaij, C.P.R. (2013) System-level modelling of dynamic reconfigurable designs using functional programming abstractions. In: 14th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), 4-6 Mar 2013, Santa Clara, CA, USA. pp. 379-385. IEEE. ISSN 1948-3287 ISBN 978-1-4673-4951-2


Baaij, C.P.R. and Kuper, J. and Schubert, L. (2012) SoOSiM: Operating System and Programming Language Exploration. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Analysis Tools and Methodologies for Embedded and Real-time System (WATERS 2012), 10 Jul 2012, Pisa, Italy. pp. 63-68. Giuseppe Lipari. ISBN not assigned
Wester, R. and Baaij, C.P.R. and Kuper, J. (2012) A two step hardware design method using CλaSH. In: 22nd International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications, FPL 2012, 29-31 Aug 2012, Oslo, Norway. pp. 181-188. IEEE Computer Society. ISBN 978-1-4673-2257-7
Wester, R. and Sarakiotis, D. and Kooistra, E. and Kuper, J. (2012) Specification of APERTIF Polyphase Filter Bank in CλaSH. In: Communicating Process Architectures 2012, 26-29 Aug 2012, Scotland. pp. 53-64. Open Channel Publishing. ISBN 978-0-9565409-5-9


Kuper, J. and Baaij, C.P.R. and Kooijman, M. and Gerards, M.E.T. (2011) Architecture Specifications in CλaSH. In: System Specification and Design Languages. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 106. Springer Verlag, New York, pp. 191-206. ISBN 978-1-4614-1426-1


Baaij, C.P.R. and Kooijman, M. and Kuper, J. and Boeijink, W.A. and Gerards, M.E.T. (2010) CλaSH: Structural Descriptions of Synchronous Hardware using Haskell. In: Proceedings of the 13th EUROMICRO Conference on Digital System Design: Architectures, Methods and Tools, 1-3 Sep 2010, Lille, France. pp. 714-721. IEEE Computer Society. ISBN 978-0-7695-4171-6
Kuper, J. and Baaij, C.P.R. and Kooijman, M. and Gerards, M.E.T. (2010) Exercises in architecture specification using CλaSH. In: Proceedings of Forum on Specification and Design Languages, FDL 2010, 13-16 September 2010, Southampton, England. pp. 178-183. ECSI Electronic Chips & Systems design Initiative. ISSN 1636-9874
Smit, G.J.M. and Kuper, J. and Baaij, C.P.R. (2010) A mathematical approach towards hardware design. In: Dagstuhl Seminar on Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures, 11-16 Jul 2010, Dagstuhl, Germany. 11. Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings 10281. Internationales Begegnungs- und Forschungszentrum für Informatik (IBFI). ISSN 1862-4405


Baaij, C.P.R. and Kooijman, M. and Kuper, J. and Gerards, M.E.T. and Molenkamp, E. (2009) Tool Demonstration: CLasH - From Haskell to Hardware. In: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGPLAN symposium on Haskell, Edinburgh, Scotland. pp. 3-3. ACM. ISBN 978-1-60558-508-6