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Research Project: SISQ: Sillicon Spin Quantum Bits
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Müller, F. and Schouten, R.N. and Brauns, M. and Gang, Tian and Lim, Wee Han and Lai, Nai Shyan and Dzurak, A.S. and van der Wiel, W.G. and Zwanenburg, F.A. (2013) Printed circuit board metal powder filters for low electron temperatures. Review of scientific instruments, 84 (4). 044706. ISSN 0034-6748 *** ISI Impact 1,336 ***
Zwanenburg, F.A. and Dzurak, A.S. and Morello, A. and Simmons, M.Y. and Hollenberg, L.C.L. and Klimeck, G. and Rogge, S. and Coppersmith, S.N. and Eriksson, M.A. (2013) Silicon Quantum Electronics. Reviews of modern physics, 85 (3). pp. 961-1012. ISSN 0034-6861 *** ISI Impact 33,177 ***