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van Rein, H. (2002) Extending Model Checking To Object Process Validation. PhD thesis, University of Twente. CTIT Ph.D.-thesis series No. 02-43 ISBN 90-365-1727-3


van Rein, H. (2000) Specifying Processes with Dynamic Lifecycles. In: Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2000), 5-9 Jun 2000, Stockholm, Sweden. pp. 192-211. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1789. Springer Verlag. ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN 3-540-67630-9
van Rein, H. (2000) On Practical Verification of Processes. In: Proceedings of ECOOP 2000 Workshops, Panels, and Posters, 12 Jun 2000, Sophia Anthipolis, France. pp. 262-263. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1964. Springer Verlag. ISSN 0302-9743
van Rein, H. and Brinkman, R. (2000) Home-grown CASE tools with XML and XSLT. In: Int. Workshop on Model Engineering (IWME), June 13, 2000, Sophia Antipolis, France. pp. 105-112.


van Rein, H. (1999) Protocol-Safe Workflow Support for Santa Claus. In: Proceedings of the ECOOP'99 Workshops, Panels, and Posters, 14-18 Jun 1999, Lisbon, Portugal. pp. 4-5. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1743. Springer Verlag. ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN 3-540-66954-X
van Rein, H. and Fokkinga, M.M. (1999) Protocol Assuring Universal Language. In: Proceedings of the IFIP TC6/WG6.1 Third International Conference on Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems (FMOODS 1999), 15-18 Feb 1999, Florence, Italy. pp. 241-258. IFIP Conference Proceedings 139. Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN 0-7923-8429-6