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Research Project: PiezoFET: Piezo electric film formation on a silicon channel
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Schmitz, J. and Kaleli, B. and Kuipers, P. and van den Berg, N. and Smits, S.M. and Hueting, R.J.E. (2016) Interface trap density estimation in FinFETs from the subthreshold current. In: 2016 International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS), 28-31 Mar 2016, Yokohama, Japan. pp. 164-167. Proceedings Conference ICMTS. IEEE. ISSN 1071-9032 ISBN 978-1-4673-8791-0


Hueting, R.J.E. and van Hemert, T. and Kaleli, B. and Wolters, R.A.M. and Schmitz, J. (2015) On device architectures, subthreshold swing, and power consumption of the piezoelectric field-effect transistor (π-FET). Journal of the Electron Devices Society, 3 (3). pp. 149-157. ISSN 2168-6734 *** ISI Impact 1,543 ***


Kaleli, B. and Hueting, R.J.E. and Nguyen, Minh Duc and Wolters, R.A.M. (2014) Integration of a piezoelectric layer on Si finFETs for tunable strained device applications. IEEE transactions on electron devices, 61 (6). pp. 1929-1935. ISSN 0018-9383 *** ISI Impact 2,207 ***
Kaleli, B. and Nguyen, Minh Duc and Schmitz, J. and Wolters, R.A.M. and Hueting, R.J.E. (2014) Analysis of thin-film PZT/LNO stacks on an encapsulated TiN electrode. Microelectronic engineering, 119. pp. 16-19. ISSN 0167-9317 *** ISI Impact 1,277 ***


Kaleli, B. (2013) Characterization of strained silicon FinFETs and the integration of a piezoelectric layer. PhD thesis, University of Twente. ISBN 978-90-365-0471-3
Kaleli, B. and van Hemert, T. and Hueting, R.J.E. and Wolters, R.A.M. (2013) Strain characterization of FinFETs using Raman spectroscopy. Thin solid films, 541. pp. 57-61. ISSN 0040-6090 *** ISI Impact 1,761 ***


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Kaleli, B. and Aarnink, A.A.I. and Smits, S.M. and Hueting, R.J.E. and Wolters, R.A.M. and Schmitz, J. (2010) Electron Beam Lithography of HSQ and PMMA Resists and Importance of their Properties to Link the Nano World to the Micro World. In: Proceeding of STW.ICT Conference 2010, 18-19 Nov 2010, Veldhoven, The Netherlands. pp. 105-108. Technology Foundation STW. ISBN 978-90-73461-67-3