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Research Project: PINPASJC: Program Inferred Power Analysis in Software -- JavaCard
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den Hartog, J.I. and de Vink, E.P. (2004) Virtual Analysis and Reduction of Side-Channel Vulnerabilities of Smartcards. In: 2nd Int. Workshop on Formal Aspect of Security and Trust (FAST), Toulouse, France. pp. 85-98. Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN 0-387-24050-0
Hollestelle, G. and Burgers, W. and den Hartog, J.I. (2004) Power analysis on smartcard algorithms using simulation. Technical report CSR 04-22, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven.


den Hartog, J.I. and Verschuren, J. and de Vink, E.P. and Vos, J. and Wiersma, W. (2003) PINPAS: A Tool for Power Analysis of Smartcards. In: 18th IFIP TC11 Int. Conf. on Information Security and Privacy in the Age of Uncertainty (SEC), Athens, Greece. pp. 453-457. Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN 1-4020-7449-2