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Research Project: Finite element methods for the generation and evaluation of steep directional water waves
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van der Vegt, J.J.W. and Tomar, S.K. (2004) An implicit discontinuous Galerkin finite element model for water waves. In: Computational Mechanics: Proceedings of the Sixth World Congress on Computational Mechanics in conjunction with the Second Asian-Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics, 5-10 September 2004, Beijing, China. pp. 690-695. Tsinghua University Press & Springer-Verlag. ISBN 7302093431


Dutt, P. and Tomar, S.K. (2003) Stability estimates for h-p spectral element methods for general elliptic problems on curvilinear domains. Proceedings mathematical sciences, 113 (4). pp. 395-429. ISSN 0253-4142 *** ISI Impact 0,260 ***


Dutt, P. and Tomar, S.K. and Kumar, B.V.R. (2002) Stability Estimates for h-p Spectral Element Methods for Elliptic Problems. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Mathematical Sciences, 112 (4). pp. 601-639. ISSN 0253-4142 *** ISI Impact 0,260 ***
Tomar, S.K. and Dutt, P. and Ratish Kumar, B.V. (2002) Parallel h-p spectral element method for elliptic problems on polygonal domains. In: Proceedings of the 9th Euro Conference on Numerical Methods and Computational Mechanics, NMCM 2002, 15-19 July 2002, Miskolc, Hungary. University of Miskolc. ISBN not assigned