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Research Project: Dynamics of complex fluids
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Mikhal, J. (2012) Modeling and simulation of flow in cerebral aneurysms. PhD thesis, University of Twente. ISBN 978-90-365-3433-8
Mikhal, J. and Slump, C.H. and Geurts, B.J. (2012) Simulation of Pulsatile Flow in Cerebral Aneurysms: From Medical Images to Flow and Forces. In: Aneurysm. InTech, pp. 199-222. ISBN 978-953-51-0730-9
van der Vegt, J.J.W. and Rhebergen, S. (2012) hp-Multigrid as Smoother algorithm for higher order discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of advection dominated flows: Part I: Multilevel analysis. Journal of computational physics, 231 (22). pp. 7537-7563. ISSN 0021-9991 *** ISI Impact 2,556 ***
Verbeek, A.A. and Pos, R.C. and Stoffels, G.G.M. and Geurts, B.J. and van der Meer, Th.H. (2012) The generation of resonant turbulence for a premixed burner. In: Proceedings of the 9th International ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements (ETMM9), 6-8 June 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece. pp. 1-6. Ercoftac. ISBN not assigned


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Bokhove, O. and Zwart, V. and Haveman, M.J. (2010) Fluid Fascinations. Uitgave in het kader van Qua Art - Qua Science, januari - april 2010, Stichting Qua Art - Qua Science, Enschede.
Mikhal, J. and Lopez Penha, D.J. and Slump, C.H. and Geurts, B.J. (2010) Immersed boundary method predictions of shear stresses for different flow topologies occuring in cerebral aneurysms. In: Proceedings of the V European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics ECCOMAS CFD 2010 , 14-17 Jun 2010, Lisbon, Portugal. 01156. ECCOMAS. ISBN 978-989-96778-1-4


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