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Research Project: DMS: The Movement Diagnostic System: System identification for diagnosing abnormal central motor control with functional MRI, movement measures and wrist perturbation
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Sharifi, S. and Mugge, W. and Luft, F. and Schouten, A.C. and Heida, T. and Bour, L.J. (2013) Differentiation of tremor disorders with fMRI: A novel quantitative approach. In: Movement Disorders 2013, 16-20 June 2013, Sydney, Australia. 157. Movement Disorders 28 (Supplement 1). Wiley. ISSN 1531-8257


Malhotra, S. and Pandyan, A.D. and Rosewilliam, S. and Roffe, C. and Hermens, H.J. (2011) Spasticity and contractures at the wrist after stroke: time course of development and their association with functional recovery of the upper limb. Clinical rehabilitation, 25 (2). pp. 184-191. ISSN 0269-2155 *** ISI Impact 2,403 ***