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Research Project: Co-design For Safety-critical Systems
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Broenink, J.F. and Vos, P.J.D. and Lu, Zhou and Bezemer, M.M. (2016) A co-design approach for embedded control software of cyber-physical systems. In: 2016 11th System of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE), 12-16 June 2016, Kongsberg, Norway. pp. 1-5. IEEE Circuits & Systems Society. ISBN 978-1-4673-8727-9
Vangeheluwe, H. and Ameral, V. and Giese, H. and Broenink, J.F. and Schätz, B. and Norta, A. and Carreira, P. and Lukovic, I. and Mayerhofer, T. and Wimmer, M. and Vellecillo, A. (2016) MPM4CPS: multi-pardigm modelling for cyber-physical systems. In: Staf 2016 Docotral Symposium and Projects Showcase, 4-7 July 2016, Vienna. pp. 40-47. CEUR-WS 1675. Sun SITE Central Europe. ISSN 1613-0073


Bezemer, M.M. and Broenink, J.F. (2015) Connecting ROS to a real-time control framework for embedded computing. In: Proceedings 2015 IEEE 20th Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), 08-11 Sep 2015, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. pp. 1-6. IEEE IE society. ISBN 978-1-4673-7929-8


Blom, K.C.H. (2014) Blind equalization for underwater communications. PhD thesis, Univ. of Twente. CTIT Ph.D.-thesis series No. 14-315 ISBN 978-90-365-3680-6
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Brugali, D. and Broenink, J.F. and Kroeger, T. and MacDonald, B.A. (2014) Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots : preface. In: Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots, 20-23 Oct 2014, Bergamo, Italy. pp. 5-6. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 8810. Springer International Publishing. ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN 978-3-319-11899-4