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Jansen, S.E.M. and van Welbergen, H. (2009) Methodologies for the User Evaluation of the Motion of Virtual Humans. In: Intelligent Virtual Agents, 9th International Conference, 14-16 Sept 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. pp. 125-131. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5773. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. ISBN 978-3-642-04379-6
van Welbergen, H. and Basten, B.J.H. and Egges, A. and Ruttkay, Z.M. and Overmars, M.H. (2009) Real Time Character Animation: A Trade-off Between Naturalness and Control. In: Eurographics - State-of-the-Art-Report, 30 March-3 April 2009, Munich, Germany. pp. 45-72. Eurographics Association. ISSN 1017-4656
van Welbergen, H. and Ruttkay, Z.M. (2009) On the Parametrization of Clapping. In: Gesture-Based Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation 7th International Gesture Workshop, GW 2007, Lisbon, Portugal, May 23-25, 2007, Revised Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5085. Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, Berlin, pp. 36-47. ISBN 978-3-540-92864-5