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Le Gac, S. and Vermes, I. and van den Berg, A. (2006) Quantum Dots Based Probes Conjugated to Annexin V for Photostable Apoptosis Detection and Imaging. Nano letters, 6 (9). pp. 1863-1869. ISSN 1530-6984 *** ISI Impact 13,779 ***
Wolbers, F. and ter Braak, P.M. and Le Gac, S. and Luttge, R. and Andersson-Svahn, S.M.H. and Vermes, I. and van den Berg, A. (2006) Viability study of HL60 cells in contact with commonly used microchip materials. Electrophoresis, 27 (24). pp. 5073-5080. ISSN 0173-0835 *** ISI Impact 2,482 ***


Vermes, I. and Haanen, C. and Steffens-Nakken, H. and Reutelingsperger, C. (1995) A novel assay for apoptosis: Flow cytometric detection of phosphatidylserine expression on early apoptotic cells using fluorescein labelled Annexine V. Journal of immunological methods, 184 (1). pp. 39-51. ISSN 0022-1759 *** ISI Impact 1,858 ***